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PASS BAVC Webinar ‘Tools for EDA’ – Resources

I gave a talk on ‘Tools for Exploratory Data Analysis’ to the PASS Business Analytics Virtual Chapter (BAVC) on June 11th 2015. Here are the links to resources and references.

The talk is on youtube here.

The OneDrive folder contains

  • a CSV file containing the Titanic passenger list data used in the example
  • the slide deck
  • the R source code file for the Titanic demo
  • the Excel 2013 workbook containing the PowerQuery and PowerView sheets for the Titanic demo
  • a folder contain the RapidMiner repositories for the Titanic demo
  • the CSV file containing the Titanic passenger list data used in the example
  • the free Azure Machine Learning book (PDF)

The books I mentioned in the Resources slide are

  • Data Science For Business – Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett
  • Data Smart – John W Foreman
  • Applied Predictive Analytics – Dean Abbot
  • Power Query for Power BI and Excel – Chris Webb
  • Practical Data Science With R – Nina Zumel and John Mount

This ML workspace contains the Azure ML experiments. You can copy the experiments into your own ML workspace.

A presentation on Azure ML from Microsoft’s Andrew Fryer and Amy Nicholson featuring a sample to predict flight delays is on Amy’s One Drive
If you have any questions about the slide deck or the demo resources, please get in touch. My contact details are or on LinkedIn at

PASS BA April 2015 “What If Scenarios” – Slide deck and Sample Code

I gave a presentation about “What If Scenarios” at the PASS Business Analytics Conference in April 2015. Here are the slide desk and the zip file containing the code samples
The zip file contains:

  • the spreadsheet for the historical analysis of population and emissions. This includes the PowerPivot model and the Power View visualisations.
  • the R code to project emissions in 2010 through to 2050 under various scenarios
  • the “GC building blocks” spreadsheet that contains examples of the common Excel formulas used in the Global Calculator (SUMIF(s), INDIRECT, INDEX and MATCH)

The global calculator can be found including the online tool, downloadable Excel spreadsheet and lots of great documentation.

Slides and sample code from “What If In Excel & R” presentation

I gave a talk to London Business Analytics Group on “Using R And Excel To Explore “What If” Scenarios” recently.

The slide deck from the talk is here.

A zip file of the R sample code for the 2050 project example is here. This include the R code and also a RData object that holds the 2010 emissions data, loaded by the code

I showed the Global Calculator, a model of the world’s energy and food systems implemented as an Excel spreadsheet and also accessible through a web page. To download the spreadsheet or use the web application, start at the Global Calculator landing page.

The spreadsheet that explains and demonstrates the Excel formulae used in the calculator, SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH and INDIRECT is here.