Course Outline – Introduction To PowerApps

This course is for beginners to Power Apps. It is a practical course with most time spent on lab exercises. After the course, attendees will

  • be familiar with the basic concepts and operation of Power Apps
  • understand environments
  • know how to connect to data,
  • understand the Common Data Service (Microsoft’s out-of-the-box database, an integral part of the Power Platform infrastructure),
  • know when to choose the Common Data Service (CDS) or external connectors,
  • be able to use Power Apps to build simple data entry screens,
  • know how to deploy Power Apps,
  • understand the components of a Power App; screens, forms, controls and connectors,
  • appreciate the potential of Power App’s AI Builder capabilities,
  • understand Canvas Components: re-usable components that we can build once and use many times,
  • use a PowerApps control within a Power BI report to edit data in a Power BI report and instantly see the changes
  • use PowerApps with Power Automate (Flow)
  • understand the difference between canvas and model driven apps – how they differ and which to use when. (This course will concentrate on canvas apps.)