Data Insights ‘Visualising Financial Data’ Talk – Links

Here are the links and demos from my talk on ‘Visualising Financial Data Using Power BI and R’ at the Data Insights Summit.
The video recording on youtube is here.
The code for the demos are on my GitHub page .  They include
  • Text Mining of Corporate Responsibility Reports
  • Operational Risk And Controls Assessment (RCSA) Visualisations
  • Large Project Gantt Style Visualisations
  • Visualisations based on the Gapminder dataset
They include the Power BI Desktop files and the R Scripts.
The European Banking Authority (EBA) 2016 Stress Test Results are here.
The online map tool is here.  Hans Rosling’s famous YouTube video of ‘200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats’ is here.
The London Business Analytics Group meetup page is here.  This shows our upcoming events.  Recordings of a few of our previous talks are on the Skills Matter page here.