At Zomalex, we like to share our enthusiasm for all things data related.  We’ve given several talks and webinars to community groups  and at conferences recently. If you are interested in us speaking at an event then we’d love to hear from you.
Here are a few upcoming talks.
  • Compliance Case Study: Focus On Data Model, Report & Query Design (Data BI Summit, Dublin)
  • Power BI For The Business Person (Focus Conference, Indianapolis, May 2018)
  • Using R With Power BI (Focus Conference, Indianapolis, May 2018)

And here are a few recent talks.

  • Text Analytics Of A Banks Public Reports (sqlbits conference, Feb 2018)
  • A single view of the customer with Power BI, (Dynamics 365 conference, London, Jan 2018)
  • Preparing and transforming small data with R (Earl Conference, London, Sep 2017)
  • Visualising Financial Data With Power BI and R  (Seattle, June 2017) Video
  • A lazy data scientist’s toolkit (London, June 2017) Video
  • Using R With Small Data (London, June 2017) Video
  • Using R To Clean And Transform Small Data  Slides   Video
  • Tools For Exploratory Data Analysis (Using Excel, R and Azure Machine Learning) (June 2015) Slides  Video
  • Visualising Financial Risk (March 2016) Slides
  • Business Analytics To Manage Financial Risk (Oct 2015) Slides
  • Using R, Cubes & Data Visualisation For What If Questions (Nov 2014)  Slides
  • Learning R (June 2015) Slides