Introduction to Power BI

Who is this course for?

Anybody who is getting started analysing data or building reports with Power BI.

Learning Objectives

After the course, attendees will have a broad understanding of how to explore analyse and visualise data using Power BI and will be comfortable using Power BI Desktop to build reports and dashboards.

Course Length – 2 days

Course Content

  • Import data from text/CSV files, spreadsheets and databases
  • Clean and transform data – replace or remove bad values, filter the rows, group, summarise, pivot and unpivot data, calculate results
  • Calculate useful quantities e.g. sums, averages, cumulative values
  • Build helpful and insightful visuals such as bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, matrix and table visuals, and maps
  • Use interactions between visuals (as a filter, highlight) to good effect
  • Explore and explain data: drill to detail, show data, add basic analytics (averages, trends, clusters, reference lines
  • Filter data with slicers and the filter pane
  • Tell stories with data; use bookmarks, spotlight, create drill-though pages
  • Improve and polish reports: add text, images and other non-data elements to enhance the report; apply conditional formatting e.g. data bars; configure titles, axes, colours, labels; design for a phone / mobile device
  • Publish content to the Power BI Service


None.  This is a beginner level course.