Power BI March Update – Links

I gave the March round-up talk at the London Power BI User Group last night, before John Kelly’s inspiring talk, without the benefit of slide deck or demos due to the AV issues.  So here is my slide deck and links of the events and resources I mentioned during my talk. And I have posted  8 minute video to demo the Power BI desktop February and March updates on youtube, and also on OneDrive

The details of the SQLBI ‘Mastering DAX Workshop’ training in London on March 22-23 are here.

The PASS Business Analytics Marathon on March 29th features two Power BI talks from London PUG organisers; Prathy Kamasani at 6pm and David Moss at 7pm.  Register here.

The PBI motion scatter diagram of the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant of the last several years is here.

Now that we can theme our colours, the color brewer site is a very useful resource for selecting good palettes of categorical, sequential or diverging colours that forms best practice.

The Power BI team video of the March desktop update is here.

The data storytelling course by Albert Cairo is here.

The Economist produce wonderful charts on a daily basis in their Graphic Detail section of their website.

My London Business Analytics meetup group is having a talk on Wednesday next week (15th March).  The subject is transforming a museum to be data driven with R. Sign-up here.