Power BI Training Day – Friday 6th December – Outline and Agenda

This is a free full day hands-on introduction to Power BI.  There will be group of expert coaches to teach you and answer any Power BI questions you may have. You will need to bring a laptop with the latest version of Power BI Desktop (Nov 2019) installed.  Attendees will be in groups of about 6 people.  Groups will work on three challenges and each challenge will have a choice of two exercises.  The coaches will introduce the two exercises; explain the data and suggest why this may be an interesting challenge.  At the end of each exercise, one or two groups will make quick presentation of their results.

There will be a team of coaches to help you. These are Carl Sheldrick, Christopher Barber, Joshua Payne, Jude Moore, Mariella Ricagni, Marion Meterlerkamp, Mark Wilcock, Muz Ahmad, Ned Stratton, Rishi Sapra and Surendra M.

It’s at the Microsoft Reactor 70 Wilson Street EC2A 2DB London. The agenda is:

  • 09:00 Registration (and pastries and coffee)
  • 09:30 Welcome –
  • 09:45 Challenge 1 – Sports
  • 10:45 Challenge 1 Presentations
  • 11:15 Break
  • 11:30 Challenge 2 – Famous Historical Visualisations
  • 12:30 Challenge 2 Presentations
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Challenge 3 – Vaccinations, Scary Movies and Retiring in the US
  • 15:00 Break
  • 15:15 Challenge 3 Presentations
  • 15:45 Recap.  Next Steps.  Resources
  • 16:00 Close

Challenge 1
Groups can choose to either build a better league table than the BBC Sports design
or visualise the 2008 Olympics Men’s triathlon results to determine what makes a winning competitor

Can you show the English Premier league results in a different way to this well known table? (Source: BBC)
Can you determine from this data what make a winning triathlete? (Source: Wikipedia)

Challenge 2
Groups can choose to improve a few famous visualisations from the 18th and 19th centuries. These are:
Florence Nightingale: the lady with the lamp, made a famous visualisation of the causes of deaths of soldiers in the Crimean War,
John Snow slowed a cholera epidemic in Soho with his famous map, and
William Playfair, who made the first line chart

Florence Nightingale’s Rose diagram
John Snow’s map of a cholera outbreak in Soho, London in 1854
William Playfair’s chart of imports / exports , the first known use of a line chart

Challenge 3
Groups can choose to visualise which is the best US state to retire in, scary movies or the effect of vaccinations on disease.

Which is the best state in the US to retire to?
Which is the scariest movie ever?
The effect of vaccinations on teh prevalence of some diseases