Practical Introduction To R – Course Description

This course is a practical hands-on introduction to R for business analysts. It will help you get started with R and use it productively. It teaches what you are most likely to need in your daily work; loading, cleaning, tidying, visualising and transforming data to calculate results, gain insight and generate reports.  No previous knowledge of R is required to join the course.

This a 2 day workshop. Both days are full days between 9am and 5pm. Each day will have several sessions.  The format will be 25% lecture, 25% demo and 50% hands-on exercises.

The sessions include:

  • download and install R and R Studio
  • load data from flat files and Excel spreadsheets and databases into RStudio
  • clean data e.g. handle missing values
  • explore and visualise data – build a few charts
  • transform data to gain insight and calculate results – filter, group, sort and calculate
  • export and save data to CSV, Excel and databases
  • build reports
  • use R with Power BI and Tableau
  • improve charts to make them publication quality (with themes, labels color palettes, facets)
  • manipulate text and strings

We’ll use a variety of free public datasets in all the exercises.

There will be a final session (mainly lecture format) which will be an “whetting your appetite” awareness session of the more advanced and powerful capabilities in R including:

  • build predictive models
  • text mining
  • call web services (such as those for text analytics)
  • scrape data from web pages
  • analyse financial time-series application