Data Analysis with Python

A snippet of Python code from one of the lab exercises.

Who is this course for?

Python is a very popular, versatile, open source language, and often used for data analysis.  This course is aimed at people who would like to start using Python for their data analysis tasks.

Learning Objectives

After the course, attendees will have a broad understanding of Python and be able to write Python scripts to analyse and visualise data.

Course Length – 2 days

Course Content

The course will teach Python for data analysis and pandas, a library designed for data analysis.

  • Introduction to Python’s history and philosophy, and why it has become so popular
  • The basics of the language; control flow, functions
  • Data structures such as lists and dictionaries
  • The pandas and numpy libraries
  • Importing data from text/CSV files, Excel spreadsheets and databases
  • Getting data from APIs with the requests library
  • Clean and transform data
  • Visualise data – build charts with the mapplotlib and seaborn libraries
  • Export data to CSV, Excel and databases and
  • Integrate Python with Power BI


None.  This is an introduction to Python for beginners.