Why choose a course with Zomalex?

We teach what matters

We teach what you can apply immediately in your work.  We are consultants working in the trenches firstly.  We know what matters.  We won’t route-march you through though all the little-used features of Power BI. We’ll concentrate on the most important features – and teach how to apply these well. Our exercises are based on real life problems that we’ve had to solve at our clients. 

Many people attend a course with other providers and then are frustrated once back in the office that what they learned has little bearing on the challenges they face. We’ll teach what you need to know.

Small Class Size

There will be 8 people or fewer on the course.   We run courses often with 4 or 5 people.  Some other organisations put 28 people on a course.  Good for their bottom line but not for attendee outcomes. 

No Cancellations

We won’t cancel a course once you have booked – even if you are the only person on the course.

Support after the course

You can ask us follow-up questions after the course – we are happy to jump on a Teams or phone call to discuss a challenge that you are having at work that relates to the course topics. Of course, if you ask us to build your data model, we may like to charge for that.

Variety is the spice of courses

We’ll use a variety of datasets and case studies.  We know that different datasets throw up vastly different challenges, and people enjoy seeing several different case studies during a course.

Food, glorious food

We’ll make sure that you are well fed and watered on the course, with coffee and pastries for breakfast, either a restaurant meal or some really good sandwiches for lunch depending on the venue, and coffee/ tea mid-morning and afternoon.


We can provide a laptop for the course if you need one – we know that many attendees have problems downloading and installing Power BI or open source software.  Our laptops will be ready to use with all the materials and software you need for the course.  Some attendees prefer to use their own laptop – it’s your choice.

We’re up-to-date

Our course materials are bang up-to-date.  Some training providers teach like it’s 1999.  We’ll talk about the features in the latest monthly release of Power BI, if relevant.

Course materials

We’ll provide all our course material on a USB stick after the course.